• AnnaMy adventure began near the Ohio River where I was born into an amazing family of seven. I grew up in Cincinnati, and earned my BS in Environmental Science from Antioch College.  Through alternating work and study semesters, I explored my love of art, ecology and social justice, working on organic farms in New Zealand, apprenticing with a potter in New Mexico, studying Brazilian ecosystems, and interning in an Indian Health Service clinic in Washington state. After college I worked with communities along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers that were facing industrial pollution and it's health effects in their lives. When that job ended, my wanderlust drew me west, and I moved to Portland where I studied natural medicine while working in a clinic for homeless youth. There I met the love of my life, and the rainy days drove us back to his home state of Colorado. Like John Denver said in his famous first line, "I was born in the summer of my 27th year, coming home to a place I'd never been before." In Colorado, I was home. I continued clinic work and art, creating my own business as a professional artist making contemporary welded steel and glass mosaics.  Fired up from my work in the homeless clinic in Portland, I went back to school and graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  I matched into an emergency medicine program that had a strong advocacy focus, but realized quickly after starting that I missed the continuity and individual advocacy that comes in a primary care setting.  My dreams of working with homeless and starting a street medicine program in Denver became more and more clear. So I juggled the craziness of being an EM intern while pursuing a transition to family medicine and here I am. I couldn't be happier to be at St Anthony's, to be back in Colorado and to be continuing this journey with such an amazing group of people.
    MattI grew up in Knoxville, TN, home of the Volunteers!  After several years of enjoying the proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains, I headed over to UNC-Chapel Hill and became a Carolina blue Tar Heel.  I graduated with a degree in political science with minors in Spanish and chemistry.  Taking some time to explore after college, I worked briefly as a carpenter's assistant and a waiter, and then left North Carolina to spend a few years in Nashville, TN while working as a research assistant in a Pediatric Gastroenterology laboratory.  Finally, I drove south to Texas to complete an MD/MPH program at UTHSC San Antonio and the UT School of Public Health.  Now I'm very happy to be in the next chapter of my life with Saint Anthony's Family Medicine Residency.


    Over the past few years I've developed an interest in global health and underserved medicine, and I've traveled to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and India on medical and public health trips.  In my free time, you'll find me trying to get better at skiing, enjoying a local brewery, or tending to veggies in a community garden.  A music lover at heart, I have a growing interest in writing and recording music too.  I'm excited to be sharing these years of my life with the incredible group of people here at Saint Anthony's, and love to explore all that Colorado has to offer!

    Kenny I am a new Coloradan, landing here with my wife after completing medical school in New Orleans. I grew up in the DC suburbs and took my first trip out west during college. During a 30-minute layover at DIA, I ran the length of Concourse B to catch a glimpse of the Rockies. I was hooked. My path back here took another decade with long detours in Chicago and Louisiana. In the meantime, I felt called to a career in medicine. I was drawn to family medicine in particular because of the broad array of people and diseases we encounter. St Anthony and the Denver area provide a wonderful place to grow as a family physician. I am passionate about working for my patients and learning from them every day.
  • Somayyeh

    I was born and raised right here in my beautiful Colorado, living in Denver and Aurora. I have a big family with five other siblings and a great community around me. My wonderful husband and I have been together since high school and married during college. I went to the University of Denver. My baby girl was born directly after I graduated from DU, and I deferred medical school matriculation for a year to be with her. It was a great year that I enjoyed immensely. I then began medical school the following year at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

    My husband is a graduate student in Boulder, and our little girl is now in her school-age years. Some of my favorite aspects of family medicine are pediatrics and OB, although I really love it all! Outside of medicine, I love to spend time with my loves doing plenty of outdoor activities-hiking, biking, skiing, camping, kayaking, etc. I'm a runner and I've recently started playing basketball. I like to cook and bake whenever I get the chance as well. I am so happy to still be here in Colorado for residency with my family and friends near-by and a great group of residents at St. Anthony!

    TrevorI have been on a long and winding path to Colorado. Born and raised in Ithaca NY, I went to undergrad in Montreal but spent the summers working on a guest ranch in Wyoming. After graduation I moved to San Francisco, but spent some time in Europe guiding teenagers on backpacking trips. I worked as an EMT and clinical researcher before finally landing in medical school. Along the way I met my husband and we started spending nearly every weekend making the long commute from SF to the mountains. Too much time in the car! When I began to look at residency programs we narrowed in on Denver as the perfect combination of great education, great city, and a much shorter commute to the rocks and snow. Things I am passionate about within medicine are adolescent health, addiction treatment, women's health, and healthcare reform. Outside of medicine I am a climber, skier, former ballet dancer and amateur beer brewer. I am entirely thrilled to be a family medicine resident at St Anthony's.
    Shivaun I was born and raised in Gold Hill, a small mining town west of Boulder, Colorado. I grew up in my family's restaurant, the Gold Hill Inn, and because my father is the fire chief, have been a volunteer firefighter from an early age. After finishing my bachelor's degree at the University of Denver, I took time off of school to pursue my passion for wildland firefighting. I worked for the Boulder County Sheriff's Office for 3 seasons of fighting wildfires across the state and country, and in that process met and fell in love with my husband. I am a graduate of Osteopathic Medicine from Rocky Vista University in Parker. My husband and I are very excited to get to stay in our home state for residency... Go Colorado! We live in Denver with our cat, but we try to spend as much time as possible in the mountains west of Boulder where we were raised playing in and enjoying the outdoors.



    Born in Texas and raised in Memphis, I spent the first half of my life in the south, before venturing to New York city and then Wake Forest for college. After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles where I helped my father open an energy medicine/ integrative medicine practice. I became interested in natural healing and got certified as a holistic health counselor, learning about the power of nutrition and overall wellness in healing. I further cultivated my passion for integrative medicine and the concept of treating a patient while in medical school in Iowa. I developed my interest in acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, mindfulness and meditation, and nutrition as tools for healing.

    After graduating from medical school, I decided to explore healing around the world for a year before beginning my residency. I traveled to China to study acupuncture, Africa to learn about global health and botanical medicine, and New Zealand where I learned how they approached osteopathy.  My love for the outdoors, an active lifestyle, and the sun left me eager to head west for my residency training. During my 4th year rotations, I had the privilege of rotating through St. Anthony’s and still have yet to find a place with a more supportive, creative, welcoming, and genuine group of residents, faculty, and staff! More specific interests in family medicine include lifestyle and preventative medicine as well as integrative medicine. 

    When I’m not pursuing medicine, you will most likely find me traveling, doing almost anything outdoors, photographing sunrises and sunsets, dancing, running, exploring new cities, and checking out farmer’s markets or festivals of any kind (I’ve even been to a horseradish festival and a strawberry festival in the same day). Having felt right at home during my time at St. Anthony’s, I am thrilled to spend 3 years of my training here!

    LisaBorn and raised in Colorado I have always loved my home state! I went to Metro State college for undergrad where I pursued research in neuroscience, until I realized that working with people clinically was much more interesting. I entered medical school at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. There, through my rotations, I discovered my love for primary care and specifically Family Medicine. In my time off I try to be outdoors ice climbing, rock climbing, mountaineering or snowboarding with my wonderful boyfriend. I am very excited to be at St. Anthony North!
    Brad Rice, DO

    I am almost a native of Colorado, living all but about three years here. I was born in Dallas, but shortly after that my Bradfamily moved to Colorado Springs. I grew up there, with the exception of two years that we lived in Germany near Munich. After high school, I attended the University of Denver, where I graduated with a Bachelor's and Master's in Accounting as well as minors in Spanish and Leadership Studies. I switched gears and pursued medicine at Rocky Vista University here in Colorado. Like many from CO, I love being outdoors hiking, golfing, grilling, playing volleyball, and also love playing ice hockey. My favorite thing in the world is to spend time with my wife, who is a florist and manages a shop in Boulder. We love to laugh, and one of our favorite activities to do is try new restaurants, of which the Denver area has many to offer. We also love watching TV and movies or playing card and board games when we aren't active outside or walking our dog, Mesa. We're both thrilled to continue living and working in Colorado near our families. Some of my interests within family medicine include digestive disorders and urgent care, but mostly I enjoy the variety the field offers. I'm thrilled to be at St. Anthony North for residency!
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