• Salary & Benefits

  • Listed below are the salaries for 2017-2018. Salaries for 2018-2019 will not be available until the fall of 2017. Our residency program stays market competitive. A sample contract is available under Residency Application.

    • PGYI - $53,548
    • PGYII - $55,512
    • PGYIII - $57,670

    Medical Insurance
    Medical insurance is provided through United Healthcare. The residency program pays the cost for the resident and his or her family.

    Prescription Benefits

    Prescription drug coverage is administered by ClearScript. Most prescriptions can be filled at a retail outlet. However, maintenance medications can be purchased more economically through a Centura retail pharmacy or via mail order. In both cases you can purchase a 90-day supply for two co-pays, instead of three. There are a limited number of drugs that require advance approval from United Healthcare.

    Dental Insurance
    Dental insurance is provided through MetLife.

    Vision Service Plan
    Vision Service Plan (VSP) offers comprehensive vision coverage to help you with the cost of eye exams and vision wear.

    Life Insurance

    Centura Health offers several levels of life insurance coverage for resident and dependents. Residents automatically receive basic life insurance equal to their annual salary at no cost and have the option to purchase supplemental insurance for themselves and their eligible dependents.

    Short Term Disability
    Your short-term disability benefits provide continuation of income if you become temporarily disabled or have pregnancy complications.

    Long-term Disability
    Long-term disability offers you and your family a partial continuation of income if you become disabled and are unable to return to work for an extended period of time.

    Flexible Spending Accounts
    Centura Health offers Healthcare and Dependent Day-care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) to allow you to voluntarily set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for eligible health care and dependent day-care expenses.

    Employee Assistance Program
    Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers free counseling services to help you and your loved ones deal with issues or problems that could potentially affect your health, relationships or job performance. You and other members of your household are eligible for up to eight free sessions per issue each year. The EAP also offers limited legal and financial counseling and will refer you to professionals in these areas for more complex issues.

    Fifteen (15) days per year (No Saturdays or Sundays, and cannot be carried over into next year). Vacation cannot be taken on some rotations. No pay is given in lieu of unused vacation leave

    Sick Leave
    Five (5) days of sick leave are granted per year and do not carry over. No pay is given in lieu of unused sick leave time.

    Educational Leave
    Five (5) days paid educational leave can be used during the second or third years of residency for the purpose of attending approved CME meetings. There is a one-time education allowance of $1,000.

    Meals are provided through doctors' lounge. Weekend and evening meals are provided through the hospital cafeteria.

    Tax Shelter
    Voluntary participation in hospital plan.

    Retirement Investment
    Residents can elect to contribute to a retirement investment plan through Fidelity Investments.  Since the residency participates in a qualified pension plan, residents cannot deduct contributions they make to an IRA.

    Free parking is provided for both the hospital and clinic.

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