• Philosophy

  • Bright, Compassionate Physicians

    We seek to train physicians who will represent the enduring attributes of Family Medicine:

    • Continuous comprehensive care
    • Care linked to family and community
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Recognition of the importance of research and teaching
    • Tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty
    • Adaptation to evolving treatments and guidelines 
    • This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but it describes the type of physician needed to adapt to the sweeping changes affecting medicine today.

      The St. Anthony Family Medicine Residency provides residents with an immersion into the life of family medicine. Residents will begin building relationships with patients in the first year by spending one or two half-days per week in the Family Medicine Clinic. Each Family Medicine Center emphasizes a team approach to patient care with support from medical assistants, nurses, behavioralists, care managers, and mid-level providers working together with residents and faculty physicians.

      As part of its philosophy, the residency includes behavioral science, social work and health promotion/disease prevention and diabetic education. Our program facilitates regular one-on-one teaching sessions with faculty through a process called "longitudinal counseling supervision."  We also feature critical appraisal of the literature and practice-based research in the second and third years with protected time available to work on individual projects.

      As Dr. G. Gayle Stephens, one of the intellectual fathers of family medicine, wrote, "Medical practice, in its highest and most distinctive form has always been an affair of both head and heart, of competence and devotion to the needs of people..." As the birthplace of endeavors like Tar Wars, Shared Beginnings and the annual Rocky Mountain Family Medicine Research Forum, the St. Anthony Family Medicine Residency is an excellent place to begin a career that echoes all of the above.


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